Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is the XanaFlow and how is it installed?

The XanaFlow is an electronic device that is mounted in the engine’s air in-take pipe.  The system also includes a transformer and small computer control box.

What happens if the XanaFlow device fails?

The XanaFlow technology is extremely robust – literally engineered for the life of your engine – so a system failure will not be common. When the XanaFlow system is not operating, the vehicle returns to its original manufacturer’s performance level with no negative effect from the XanaFlow.

In the case of an external event the XanaFlow has been engineered with several sensors where the XanaFlow system will change its mode of operation for safety.

If a volume of liquid is detected in the air in-take pipe (absent air filter or air filter failure, oil from turbocharger, …), the XanaFlow will shutdown and provide a warning to the vehicle operator of the condition.

In the case of a vehicular accident that effects the device, the XanaFlow system is configured to shutdown for safety.

Will the XanaFlow void my vehicle's warranty?

The XanaFlow is mounted in the air in-take pipe and will not negatively impact any part of your vehicle.  We are currently working with 31 engine and vehicle manufacturers – many of whom are actively testing our system to install in their new vehicles.  We expect all of them will ultimately embrace our technology and many are nearing the release of new vehicles that include our device.

How does XanaFlow extend the life of my vehicle's engine?

The XanaFlow will help break-down carbon deposits on the internal surfaces of the engine components.  This reduces the engine operation temperature which will reduce engine wear which in-turn, prolongs the life of the parts.

How much power does XanaFlow require if installed on a typical road vehicle?

The electronics of the unit pulls 1 to 8 Amps relative to the size of the engine (Class 1 vehicle = 1 Amp – Class 8 vehicles about 8 Amps).  The XanaFlow install includes a dedicated relay switch.

Does XanaFlow draw power from my battery during start?

No, the electronic control box of the XanaFlow includes a 25 second delay after the ignition is turned on.

Is XanaFlow operating if the ignition switch is turned on, but the vehicle is not running?

No, XanaFlow is wired to your ignition/start switch and draws power only when the engine is running.

How do I know the XanaFlow device is reducing my vehicle's emissions?

XanaFlow units have been road tested and in-operation on over 300 vehicles driven over 10 million miles.  Indeed, they have undergone exhaustive exhaust testing.  Also, we have engaged the services of Certified Emissions Testing Facilities from 4 states so far – CA (CARB), NV, CT, and MA.  Data is available on request though most of the equipment simply could not measure any emissions as the XanaFlow drops the emissions to below the detection thresholds of most of the analyzers in these facilities.

If the LED light on my XanaFlow control box is not lit while the vehicle is running, what do I do?

Contact the nearest XanaFlow Install Facility or the XanaFlow Operations Center.

For what other applications have XanaFlow units been installed and tested?

Ocean tug boats, cruise liners, cargo ships, buses, coal plants, heavy water processing (Fukushima disaster), trains, generators, gasoline cars, etc…

What is the best performance increase recorded by a XanaFlow unit in a Class 8 truck?

For a Class 8 semi – 51% mpg improvement over baseline has been the best to date with controlled variables.   Typically our clients are achieving a 20%-25% improvement.  

Has a XanaFlow been configured for my vehicle?

We are compiling a Make/Model/Year look-up web interface to search for your vehicle – it will be available in the coming weeks.  Currently we are focused on heavy haul trucks, ships and large generators where we can make the most positive difference.

How long does an install of a XanaFlow require?

The install time varies greatly from about an hour to 4-8 hrs depending on the vehicle.

May I purchase the product and install it myself?

Not at this time.  All new installations are completed by a licensed XanaFlow Dealer/Install facility or by a trained Fleet Mechanic.  Our southern Nevada Training facility is now training Fleet Mechanics to install the XanaFlow devices on their own truck fleets.

My company has 120 heavy haul trucks. We would prefer installing the XanaFlow in-house.

We are happy to train a Fleet Mechanic in the installation of the XanaFlow that they may install the device on the rest of their fleet.

Are XanaFlow Install Staff MSHA Certified to install on mine sites?

Yes, we install the XanaFlow in wheel loaders, generators, water trucks, haul trucks, excavators, …, and we have a mine site team who are all MSHA Certified and each have years of experience working on mines and mining equipment.

How does this device save fleets money beyond the obvious increase in MPG?

In a list of ways including:

  • Less frequent oil changes – since the combustion event is more complete, there is simply less carbon finding its way into the engine oil
  • Less frequent DPF cleaning – since particulates are burned more completely, they simply never enter into the DPF
  • Longer engine life – the #1 enemy of engines is heat and carbon build-up results in heat – so by constantly eliminating the carbon build-up on internal engine parts, the engine operates at closer to manufacturer specifications
  • The labor and fuel cost to refuel a truck is significant – consider the savings if refueling is only required 1/5th as often