Uses of XanaFlow

XanaFlow has been proven effective for diesel and gasoline engines on trucks, cars, tug boats, cruise liners, generators and is currently being tested on coal and biochar furnaces.

XanaFlow ROI Projections for Fleet Vehicles

Please download this datasheet to review savings using XanaFlow Technologies…

Hardcopy available here: XF-01


Savings projections are based on the average price of diesel fuels in US in 2014.


The typical life-cycle for a diesel vehicle is 300,000-900,000 miles.


Purchase and installation discounts are available for larger fleets.

Class 3 Hotshot

Class 3 Hotshot estimates are calculated based on towing common trailer loads.

Savings Calculator

This table is only a general reference, please use this interactive calculator to estimate savings for your vehicle .


Financing available from Wells Fargo Bank for qualified customers.

Fleets may qualify for financing where payments are less than fuel savings for an immediate positive cash flow.

XanaFlow Warranty

The XanaFlow device includes an unlimited warranty for 1 year or 100,000 miles including replacement parts and labor.

XanaFlow Inspections

The XanaFlow system is engineered to last for the life of your engine. The only maintenance necessary is the replacement of the filter screen at 50,000-100,000 mile intervals depending on your road and climate conditions.

Other Applications and Installations

XanaFlow technologies are also being installed in coal and biochar furnaces. For more information about these applications, please contact the XanaFlow Operations Center.

XanaFlow Installations

The XanaFlow units are installed by ASE Certified Mechanics – many of whom are also MSHA Certified for Mine Vehicle applications.