Efficiency has never looked so good.

Introducing the future of vehicle efficiency, XanaFlow.

XanaFlow is an aftermarket device that has been proven to greatly reduce emission levels and increase engine efficiency. Its revolutionary design and fuel consumption reduction makes XanaFlow a game changing invention.

Advanced Technology

XanaFlow’s advanced technology changes the molecular bonding of the atmospheric gases entering the engine’s combustion chamber. This modified air has a greater capacity to break down the carbon bonds of the fuel and achieve a greater net energy gain during the combustion event. A more complete fuel burn increases the over-all efficiency of the engine.

Emissions Reduction

XanaFlow enables a more complete fuel burn in the engine’s combustion chamber which results in fewer and smaller emissions particulates – typically a 50% reduction in opacity.  This technology also radically reduces NOx output via a well-researched chemical process.

Energy Cost Savings

Based on over 10 million miles of testing and in operation on over 300 vehicles, the XanaFlow will increase your vehicle’s average highway miles per gallon by 20%-38%.  Also, this technology will help keep your engine running cleaner which will extend the life cycle of your vehicle.

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XanaFlow works on vehicles of all makes and models

XanaFlow has been shown to be effective for both diesel and gasoline engines. Never before has there been an engine enhancement product that reduces fuel consumption, reduces emissions and prolongs engine life.

  • Average MPG Increase 28%
  • Average Emissions Reduction (over-all) 50%

See what people are saying about XanaFlow.

XanaFlow technologies have been installed in thousands of engines … cars, trucks, ships, generators…

I was actually flabbergasted when it started showing a 30-40% decrease in fuel usage… We reduced our emissions … by almost 50%.

Dan (Bus Fleet Mgr)

This is the most amazing product on the market. My fleet’s gas consumption has drastically reduced since installing the XanaFlow units.

Roman (Truck Fleet Mgr)

This is a revolutionary product and I can’t wait to install it on all the trucks in my fleet.

Greg (Heavy Haul Truck Fleet Mgr)

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